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Welcome to our farm shop

At small but well stocked farm shop you can buy everything you need for your birds, including feeders, drinkers, different types of feed, bedding, wormers, powders and even incubators

farm shop at smilers farm

We stock various types of Incubator from 12 egg and 20 egg up to our largest Incubator a 75 egg machine.

All Incubators are stock items and can be collected directly from us just like all our other items. We will also supply the first egg fill when purchasing an Incubator in season.

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Out of season purchases without free hatching eggs will receive the equivalent price difference by way of a cash discount from the Incubator price - ie: a 75 egg incubator will receive a £37.50 discount based on the equivalent hatching egg price at 50 pence per egg.

chicken incubator

Shown above is just some of our incubator range.

New for 2012
Work has begun on extending our car park to hold up to 50 cars and we are now constructing several outside enclosures for youngstock.

We are also planning a training facility to help educate young people in the general care of animals in a farm environment.

We feel this is something that is quickly becoming lost in a modern world and through this approach we have helped many young people with schooling problems achieve college placements, apprentiships and practical experience requirements for vetenery pupils.

If you are local and feel this is something that may interest you please contact us.

Some of Smilers Farm's other animals

At the farm, from time to time we keep other animals in addition to our Chickens, Ducks, Geese and Waterfowl including Essex Pigs, Goats, Highland Cattle, Alpacas and Suffolk Sheep

smilers farm goat smilers farm piglet smilers farm pigs